Barrell Craft Spirits 15 Year Old Cask Strength Bourbon


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A fifteen year-old blended Bourbon assembled by a master. 

Founded in 2014, Barrell Bourbon scoops up extra casks of premium Bourbon and Rye and bottles ‘em up at full strength. Each batch is completely different. Sometimes the coolest casks on the market are Tennessee-style Whiskeys, sometimes they’re Kentucky Bourbon. The good stuff could be straight, or it could be a finished wood. The point is that they find the best odd lots and "left-overs" that would more likely be tossed into a generic blend and sell it to us in all of their glory. 

Barrell Bourbon has had a "Barrell Craft Spirits" (BCS) project in the works for a few years. If your bottle of Barrell Spirit has those words on it, then it is a custom crafted blend and super-high quality. Think of it as the "Johnnie Walker American Whiskey." But, truth be told we think we like this better.

Barrell Bourbon 15 Year Old Cask Strength Bourbon is a collection of Bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana — all aged a minimum of fifteen years — collected and expertly married in Kentucky. The mash bill consisted of corn, rye, and malted barley aged to perfection and bottled at a powerful 52.6% ABV so you can savor every drop. And savor you will… this wonderful dram is layered and complex.

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Nicky Hamilton
Excellent service!

Excellent service!
Delivery was in good time and my order arrived very well packaged.
I would definitely recommend and order again.

Bev Wilder
A returning customer :)

Incredible service and the best place to source hard to find rare liquor. Super impressed. A returning customer :)

Jamie Krueger
recommend buying from them.

Used this site a few times now, always really helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend buying from them.

Juan Stewart
Order here!

Very good, meeting my expectations, I strongly recommend it! Order here!

Finlay Duncan
Thank You So Much!

I bought this as a very special gift for someone and I am so happy to have received this before the party to give as a gift. Thank you so much! The shipping time was great and it was so easy to order. I will order more things for the future! Thank You So Much!

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