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It is pretty fly Kentucky Rye.

Right before the 19th century started, one Basil Hayden left Maryland and moved to Kentucky. Now, he was no rookie; he wasMaster Distiller already, but he didn't know the rules of the Old Guard, so he used what he had on hand. He created a new breed of Bourbon with a high-rye mash bill and while the purists threw a few malocchios, the neighbors were mesmerized. Now, over two centuries later, the Noe family brings back the revolutionary devil-may-care recipes of Basil Hayden.

Their Dark Rye is a masterful blend with a fantastic twist: Kentucky Rye brings a baseline of spice and oak, while Canadian Rye takes the flavor further. And because Basil Hayden's are spoiling us, they put a bit of Californian Port in the mix. Not a Port finish, they added it. The result is a delicious Whiskey that is great both neat or in cocktails. But you know, try it neat first and submerge yourself into the delicate flavor. 

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Alexa Lee
What an amazing company!

What an amazing company! I ordered 2 premium bottles of whiskey, they came within a couple of days, and also the packaging was exceptional. cannot recommend them enough.

Jamie Krueger
recommend buying from them.

Used this site a few times now, always really helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend buying from them.

Katie Hayes
really nice.

It was a good experience ordering from this website, the delivery was great. The actual product and the casing looked really, really nice.

Juan Stewart
Order here!

Very good, meeting my expectations, I strongly recommend it! Order here!

Niko Diaz
Fast and perfectly packed.

Fast and perfectly packed. The bottle arrived in perfect condition. Ordered Friday delivered on Tuesday.

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