Wright & Brown Cask Strength Straight Rye Whiskey


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Our award winning Cask Strength Rye is the first release in our Cask Series.

Our Cask Strength is a rare commodity because produced once a year in extremely small batches. As the base of our Cask Strength, we use an estate grown, organic, unmalted rye from a family farm up in the Mattole Valley of Humboldt County of California. We then supplement with a good portion of malted Barley as an homage to a centuries old style of Rye known as Old Monongahela.

Our high barley content, sweet mash fermentation and copper pot still produces a chewier, spicier, deeper rye than modern day methods. It is floral, grassy and has a little funk, with a depth of character that you rarely find in commercial whiskies today.

Drinking Cask Strength is a pure expression of the whiskey that gives you the power to control the strength and the aromatic profile of your dram by adding water as you please, catering the whiskey experience to your whims.

Enjoy a dram today.

70% Rye 30% Malted Barley

Customer Reviews

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Alexa Lee
What an amazing company!

What an amazing company! I ordered 2 premium bottles of whiskey, they came within a couple of days, and also the packaging was exceptional. cannot recommend them enough.

Nicky Hamilton
Excellent service!

Excellent service!
Delivery was in good time and my order arrived very well packaged.
I would definitely recommend and order again.

Ryan Graham
Many thanks

I have purchased a good few bottles here already with no issues over the last year. They have a good selection of spirits which I buy for my hubby. Service & delivery very efficient & reliable. Many thanks

Finlay Duncan
Thank You So Much!

I bought this as a very special gift for someone and I am so happy to have received this before the party to give as a gift. Thank you so much! The shipping time was great and it was so easy to order. I will order more things for the future! Thank You So Much!

Niko Diaz
Fast and perfectly packed.

Fast and perfectly packed. The bottle arrived in perfect condition. Ordered Friday delivered on Tuesday.

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