Yamazakura Fine Blended Whisky Distilled From Malt And Grain 750ml


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The Yamazakura Fine Blended Whisky is made from specially-selected blends, offering mild scents and an aromatic finish. It also carries a smooth, refreshing aftertaste with a hint of sweetness. It is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed either on the rocks, with water, or as a highball “ each bringing out and amplifying different factors of its richness.

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Alexa Lee
What an amazing company!

What an amazing company! I ordered 2 premium bottles of whiskey, they came within a couple of days, and also the packaging was exceptional. cannot recommend them enough.

Eleanor Woodard
Would recommend any time

Yet another excellent purchase! Prompt response and action regarding my queries. Would recommend any time

Jody Fulton
Very happy customer here

My first purchase with W&W was a great experience! Great price. User friendly website. Very efficient service. High quality items arrived on time. Well packaged.
I recommend this shop.
Very happy customer here

Finlay Duncan
Thank You So Much!

I bought this as a very special gift for someone and I am so happy to have received this before the party to give as a gift. Thank you so much! The shipping time was great and it was so easy to order. I will order more things for the future! Thank You So Much!

Bev Wilder
A returning customer :)

Incredible service and the best place to source hard to find rare liquor. Super impressed. A returning customer :)

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