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Hibiki Harmony Ryusui-Hyakka Limited Edition Japanese Whisky

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Extremely Rare & Highly Allocated

Following the global launch of its highly sought-after Yamazaki 55 whiskey, The House of Suntory released this new limited-edition 2021 Hibiki Japanese Harmony whiskey with a specifically designed bottle to accompany the interesting tasting notes.

Since its initial debut back in 1989, the Hibiki bottle has always featured 24 facets. The current bottle at hand is embellished with varying seasonal flowers and ribbons of water as a nod to the Ryisui-Hyakka — One Hundred Flowers and Flowing Water — and signifies the 24 hours of a day and 24 seasons of a year in the traditional Japanese lunar calendar. Echoing the brand’s perpetual affinity for harmony, the design resonates the unity with nature as seasons shift with the flow of water dictating the passage of time.

The whiskey notes go hand in hand with the design as a blend of superior malt and grain whiskies from the brand are folded in with aromas of rose, lychee, rosemary, and sandalwood and tastes of honey, orange peel, and white chocolate with a finishing flavor of Japanese oak.

Suntory’s 2021 Hibiki Japanese Harmony whiskey comes with 43% ABV in a 750ml bottle.