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Blanton's Black Edition Bourbon Whiskey

Sale price$269.99

Blanton’s Black Edition Bourbon Whiskey takes Blanton’s proven distilling process and takes it up several notches. The method used to craft this special edition bottle stays true to his traditional ways, except with a slightly extended age time of eight years, producing a more intricate flavor with an elaborate flavor profile. Another difference is the use of a sour mash bill, which is when the contents of a previous batch are used much like a sourdough starter, producing a significantly richer taste. At the time of its creation, the bourbon was made exclusively for the Japanese export market, making it a rare find even today and the perfect choice for any Blanton aficionado. It features a potent and intense flavor profile that perfectly balances pepper, butter and honey, and finishes clean and smooth.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Deep golden brown
Feel: Full-bodied and potent
Nose: Rye, dried fruits and vanilla
Flavor: Brown sugar, peppercorns and butter

Producer: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Spirits Type: Bourbon
Proof: 80
Size: 750mL

Blanton's Black Edition Bourbon Whiskey
Blanton's Black Edition Bourbon Whiskey Sale price$269.99