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Butchertown Cask Strength Brandy

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Product Description

Uncorrupted by additives, Copper & Kings Butchertown Reserve Casks Brandy has real character and depth. Aged in carefully selected reserve casks, it's an original, swaggering American brandy.

Brand Description

We use traditional copper pot-distillation to forge non-traditional craft-distilled, natural, pure pot-still American brandies. We make definitive American brandy influenced by American whiskey and American music. We do not make derivative brandy styled upon a European sensibility. Our brandies are batch distilled exclusively in copper pot-stills, are non-chill filtered, with no added sugar, boise other flavors, synthetic chemicals or caramel colorants for an uncorrupted, authentic, natural flavor, nose and color. We adopt a "low & slow" distillation philosophy a relatively low distillation temperature, for a longer, slower distillation, maximum copper contact, to express fruit intensity, concentrated flavors, aromas, and a velvet finish
Butchertown Cask Strength Brandy
Butchertown Cask Strength Brandy Sale price$68.99