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Hennessy Henny White Cognac

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Hennessy Henny White marks a special U.S. release from the esteemed Cognac house of Hennessy. While it may be a new introduction to the American market, it retains the same distinguished character as the globally recognized Hennessy Pure White.

This Cognac is celebrated for its light and fruity essence, setting it apart from more traditional, robust Cognacs. It presents a delicate floral aroma intertwined with fresh fruit and spring flowers. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of white fruit flavors, notably apple and grape, accentuated by a hint of citrus. Its finish is refreshingly crisp and enduring.The bottle's design is both contemporary and elegant, with transparent glass that beautifully displays the Cognac's pale hue. The minimalist label underscores the brand's emphasis on purity and simplicity.

Hennessy Henny White Cognac
Hennessy Henny White Cognac Sale price$99.99