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Los Azulejos Silver Tequila

Sale price$68.99

Los Azulejos Silver Tequila. Tequila Los Azulejos Silver is 100% agave and is bottled after a second distillation, in order to keep its natural characteristics together with transparency and brightness. Packaged in a beautiful bottle of hand-blown artisan glass.

Los Azulejos uses 7-10 year old agaves, cooked in traditional brick ovens. Crystal clear, like water. Lovely medium body, Swirling in glass leaves a very light coating on the glass which then seems to almost evaporate off the sides. Agave note on the nose, all the right elements right at the start: savory, citrus lime, pineapple, then mineral salts, earthy desert. Sweet savory notes, like a sweet brine with notes of white pepper. Develops quickly, grabbing your attention. Finish is bracing and very smooth, dry but with a bright taste, pepper notes touches of leather. Very clean tasting.

Los Azulejos Silver Tequila
Los Azulejos Silver Tequila Sale price$68.99