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The Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky

Sale price$349.99

Suntory is deeply involved in the world of high-quality liquor, sourcing exceptional distillers from around the globe. Remarkably, regardless of their diverse ventures, Suntory maintains an unwavering commitment to delivering only the finest whisky. This dedication shines brightly in the refined Chita Single Grain Whisky, hailing from Japan's Chita Distillery.

The whisky's hue carries you away to a serene autumn landscape, where golden leaves gently rustle along the ground, resembling bottled morning sunshine—light and captivating. The aroma, too, is a symphony of gold: it teems with honey, pineapple, and delightful hints of mango and melon. As you savor its flavor, your palate is seduced by a whirlwind of vanilla cake drizzled with rich honey and exotic fruits. Vivid splashes of mango and sweet pineapple take center stage, echoing the initial hints in the nose, while subtle bites of cinnamon spice add a touch of warmth.

In simple terms, Suntory The Chita Single Grain Whisky offers an unmissable tasting experience that captivates the senses.

The Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky
The Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky Sale price$349.99