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White X Cognac by Quavo

Sale price$54.99

White X Cognac by Quavo represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the esteemed global spirits company Sazerac and the Grammy®-nominated artist and entrepreneur Quavo.

This partnership has birthed an exceptional new expression that stands out in the cognac world for its innovative approach and exquisite flavor profile. Utilizing the finest white grapes from the renowned Cognac region of France, White X Cognac offers a unique sipping experience that is both modern and deeply rooted in tradition. 

The double distillation process employed in the creation of White X Cognac is crucial to its distinctive taste, preserving the essence of the white grapes while introducing layers of floral and vanilla notes. This careful balance of flavors ensures a cognac experience that is both refreshing and complex.

White X Cognac by Quavo
White X Cognac by Quavo Sale price$54.99